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Destination: paradise
Reach perpetual life
I bless thee with the dollar sign
Salvation you can buy
God awaits your offerings
To forgive all sins
Bow down and pray for me
I'm your only God...
Prince of the world!

God from the machine!

I'm the dealer of your lives
I impersonate men's cries
I'm the One the God of gold
Come to me O lost child

Prophets of death swarm around me
To bring you mass deceit
Plotting history and destiny
it's all for your daydream

Worship me and my ways
And you cannot be wrong
In this time and in this place
To money-god you must vow

Messiah of New Babylon
The Great city of gold
Oracle for the war dogs
Lust for power I mold

And rejoice at the wrath I provoke

[Chorus 1]
I'm the way to paradise
The truth behind the lines
The life that you can't buy with silver or gold
(I'm) the relief for poor men's souls
The miracle for the crowd
To resurrect the old once dead and cold!

Come to my side!!!

Forgive me Lord for I've sinned
Now I believe thee not and it's all sacred to me

I'm delusion I'm confusion
Hallowed be my game
Destitution, Institution
To serve the greedy machine

(Lead - Garavello)

Through the telescreens I know it all
"Big Brother is watching you"
Freedom is just a mirage beyond
You're bound to my control

Brave New World's acolyte
My light - the warlord guide
Bringer of death, the grim reaper
My heavy cross you bear


(Chorus 1)

[Chorus 2]
I'm the pyre of burning times
The laugh behind the lies
The lust that you can buy with tears and blood
(I'm) the reverie to serve the vice
A tribute to the grind
To annihilate the new once pure and good!

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IntérpreteX Raptor

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