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Everything dies inside me.
In a river of tears I shall drown them all
Priestess come near, embrace me with no fear
Kiss me like a newborn rose

A widow of love,
A bride of veil, with me in her arms
Whispering pain
Shield are thy lips,
Behold the fear to come back to me
Come back for me

Listen to my screams of pain embracing darkness, sorrow and hate
Seductive words drawn by your voice. The howling tears I cry take me down

Tears go down my eyes,
And something that dies
Is weak like a feather on the wind
Only your skin,
Only one kiss, could save me
From drowning in tears

As she looks into my eyes with witch’s sight, her lips close to mine
Her poisoned kiss she’s given me. ”Yours forever”… You shall be mine

Open your arms… Caress Me…
Embrace me in the Dark

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