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As the night pours its darkness
And the moonlight embraces my skin
Mourning hymns are sang by the trees
As the winter breeze flows through the leafs

Starlight brings the dead past here to the present
Though I still live with a dream
To lang the last drop of life
To stand on my feet against what s killing my realm
Welcome to my veins. Come set me free…

I can’t see the sun, for it is burning my flesh
I can’t fall in love. For I will lose it 'cause this is my curs
Eternity trapped me and damned me to this
Look into my eyes, and meet the abyss…
The abyss looks in you

There’s a portal in a mansion
With a lady dressed in black
Yet within lives a blonde mistress
Lips poisoned
She s getting me down (Dance with Me… Dance Down with Me)
(I don’t wanna sleep… Yet I don’t want –you- to wake me)
How sweet things become torture (Sing to Me…)
A cruel theme (…Your Lullaby)
To shatter the curse of a fortune (I need you…)
Kill Me

Sleep well sweet futility
For we'll walk together again
When our dreams are fulfilled (I don’t wanna sleep…)
When our dreams are fulfilled

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