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I cant explain why I'm filled with hate
But one hot summer day on the interstate
I was hitchhiking looking for this killing mate
I'm feelin great
I wanna singlehandily increase the murder rate
And terminate
Anybody that I see I'm gonna stab em
Here comes a car pullin over – a station wagon
Its got a mom and 2 kids inside
”Hey you need a ride you look like a nice guy?”
”Thank god you stopped I'm just goin to town
Because a couple miles back my car broke down
But you really shouldn't pick up people that you don't know
Cause one of these days you might pick up a psycho!”
Right then and there I put the blade to her neck
”Ill fuckin kill you all if don't stop this wreck.”
She said: “Take the car but leave me and the kids”
”Keep beggin bitch like I really give a shit.”
So the kids started screamin as I took her outside
They watched in horror as their mom got tied
To the back bumper
They watched they mother
Getting beat down by this sick mother fucka
Got back in the car they was petrified (let's go)
Put the car on drive now its time for ride
Pedal to the floor hit 75
As the kiddies watch momma getting dragged behind
Bloody limbs they fly all over the road
Till its just a mangled a torso tied to a rope
Got back in the car
They thought they was in danger
Let this be a lesson to don't ever talk to strangers

Takin lives like a burglary
Watch on the news and ya heard of me
There aint no stoppin my murder spree
I'm on a murder spree I'm on a murder spree (Chorus X 3)

So I calmly walked away towards the train tracks
In blood stained slacks
Cause my brains tapped
I hop a fraught car no idea where I'm headed
I ran just in time to get in I don't see an endin
Get off the train headed to the first house
It works out perfectly - a murder spree
Got the urge for a murder
Gotta take another life
Today I think ill take a little house wife
So I'm quite as a mouse in the house I sneak in
Wifeys makin lunch while the kids are sleepin
I creep in the kitchen wrap my arms around her waist
”Ooo honey your home early?”
”Wrong bitch look at my face
Now stop that fuckin screamin bitch that shit wont make me stop
All your doing is brewin the urge I already got!”
She tried to call for help in a desperate attempt
A bloody hand print on the phone is as far as she gets
So I took out my knife and I severed her spinal cord
Now shes layin in a pool of blood on the floor
”I aint leavin till I know your dead”
I unplugged the microwave and I bashed her in the head
”Thanks Hon' it was fun but now I gotta run”
Left the 2 babies crawlin in there mothers own blood
See a police car in the distance
And they ask If I need some assistance
Walked over to the cruiser leaned inside
”Thank god you stopped cause I need a ride.”
”Well obviously you do theres a killer on the loose
You shouldn't be out son aint you dun see the news (Ah?)
Come on inside ill take you home “
But before he knew what happened I just grabbed his throat
He tried to grab is gun out the holster
What the hell
I just grabbed it out his hand then I shot him in the shoulder
Choked him to death then I dragged him out the car
Then I carried his fat ass to a barn
Dropped him on the ground then I hollowed out his rib cage
Driving off his pain cause I gotta sick brain
I can't control it when the urges are occurrin
Took a bite out of his bladder like the sour taste of urine
In my mouth spit it out now I'm off to the next
I wanna see death but its more complex

Yea that's right pig
Its nothing personal
its just its just I got a urge to kill
and you cant stop me
aint nobody gonna stop me
your just another statistic
now I'm off to the next

(Chorus X 3)

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