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All of my life ever since the beginning
I wanted to fit in I tried but I didnt
I went in, I'm losin they call me a loser
A loner, a stoner, drug user, abuser
A burn out, it turns out I just aint the same
As these kids at my school, they so cool, I'm so lame
Called names, and they tease me
I wish they'd just leave alone but they dont and its so rough to be me
Turn on the TV and all that I see
Video's flashin that image at me
Ya gotta be pretty, with money and perfect
I'm poor and I'm ugly, my life just aint worth it
I'm certainly destined to be a nobody
No money, no nothin, no woman just fuck it
Naw hold up a second I got an idea
Got nothin to lose I got nothin to fear
I could let my life fade away like nothin
Or I could go out big and be known for somethin'
Stay up all night and I plot and I plan
Try not to wake up my sleepin' old man
Sneak and I creep in his room while he's sleepin'
Open the closet I see it I got it
I'm grabbin' his gun and then some ammunition
I bet they'll be wishin' that they stopped the dissin'
Get up in the mornin' I'm loadin' the gun
It'll be fun to watch them kids run
Walk in the school and I'm shakin' and tremblin'
I'm gettin' upset man I'd better forget it

"Hey nice sneakers, where'd ya get them in the garbage?"
"yeah whatever man"
"Shut up loser"

Naw fuck that, thats it, it's enough of this screamin'
Its time to get even and I won't be defeated
I seated in class waitin for the bell
When it rings Ima go up and blast off these shells
Look at these kids with they clothes and they cars
And they fathers who let them live like movie stars
Wit they sneakers that cost more than pops makes in two weeks
I truley can't wait to go and start the shooting
My teacher fuck 'em, don't like him a bit
He said I would grow up not amount to shit
And maybe he's right but that shit is still fucked up
While these kids are mad rich, and bitches are stuck up
Tony, the captain of the football team
Can't wait to see him start runnin' and screamin'
Britney his girl from the chearleading squad
Ima blast and I'll piss on her bloody pom poms
Minutes are ticking and ticking away
Come on bell ring man I aint got all day
Screw it I walk to the front of the class
As the students and staff just look at me and laugh
I grab the gun and I just take it out
They see me and duck, some run and shout
Cockin the glock and I start to just squeeze it
Then somethin happened I couldn't believe it
I just couldn't do it, I'm watchin'em scatter
Standin' here frozen as if it don't matter
Want to, and I just wanna buck
But fuck, I cant even do it I'm stuck
I'm truly a nothing a loser it's true
I can't even do what I wanted to do
I planned all for nothin' I can't take'em out
I pointed the barrel right into my mouth

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