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The insane brain of Q Strange will reign
Remember that when I slice your veins
You don't wanna fuck with the killa right here
I'll tear your legs off and throw em down the stairs
Unable to repair the eyes legs and arms
Break in ya crib and I'll get your mom
Tie the bitch up to the bed post
Get close light it up watch the head roast
I'm gonna laugh when I cut her in half
She was caught in the rap of my aftermath
You don't have to ask I'm the illest around
I was underground but I'm killin em now
And you're feelin the sound of a murderer
Still illriginal productions you heard of us
You're jerkin us I'm hard to kill
And your blood gonna spill I'm poppin pills
Like Prozak Rydalin Infacil
Won't do shit cuz I'm mentally ill
Can't pay the bill to my therapist
So now I cant get my sedatives
So I walk around all hella pissed
Man you don't know who this fella is?
I thought you knew its the guy named Q
With blood stained clothes in my dining room
Chewin on a cut off leg eatin people when they dead
Eat their organs in some bread crack open a severed head
Hard crunchy outside, chewy gooey inside
Should have seen the look on the parents face when
they heard the kids died
This mind in my head is dead and yet my skull is a casket
Psychopathic tactics to kill all you reckless bastards
Lighter fluid and a pack of matches bring me such satisfaction
Pyromaniac is laughing while the flames are burning, cracklin
I like to hear the helpless screams of the people trapped inside
Sirens in the distance but you'll never make it there on time
So I slide to the next victim take an icepick and stick em
I can't control the shit I do its just a sick addiction
And yo, I'm crazy I'm crazy bitch you don't believe me?
Wait till you see me on your TV then you'll want to be me
You can never be as nuts as me what you think you buck like me?
We'll fuckin see you're luck is up and chump I'm bout to jump on thee
Corpse and of course I'm divorsed from my mind
Or "The Source" cookin me one fuckin mic the next time cause I'm

I'm Crazy (x6)

Crazy loony tapped in the brain
Not all there passed insane
Deranged strange basket case
Don't wanna change half to face
The fact that I'm ill mentally it was just meant to be
Don't step to me you get to see how death is your destiny
It gets the best of me guts and flesh digestin me
Its hektik G I'll rip you chest disectively my minds infected see
Respectin me is crucial if you don;t it gets brutal
Cuz i do the type of shit that movie scripts don't even do
Don't got a crew maybe I do but they all up in my head
Multiple personalities who needs fuckin friends
Ohh I hit you in the back with a bat
I hack you up with an axe as a matter of fact
Dressed in black to attack I drag em
In the back of a Saturn wagon
Braggin Boastin Comatosin
Bag a body in the bottom of the ocean
Postin pictures FBI
Killer wanted dead or alive
You'll never get me man I Aint gonna stop
The cops'll get dropped stabbed and get shot
Shit is red hot like the flames of hell
You say farewell to the body is a nameless shell
I came to tell you all that I aint no joke
Ashes get smoked all will get choked
You start to get get poked with a rusty blade
I'm the one and only killer known as Q strange

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